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Facing a day that's ready to chew you up? Have some conversations lined up that you'd rather dodge until your second coffee? We get it. But here's something to look forward to your sacred morning coffee ritual in your kitchen. Our Manik medium roast blend is your ticket out of the mundane. It's a fusion of high-altitude Guatemalan and Peruvian beans, each bringing their A-game.

From the revered coffee terrains of Guatemala's Santa Rosa, expect a dance of fruity and tart notes. The Peruvian counterpart, grown at dizzying heights, throws hints of chocolate, citrus, and almonds. It's like a flashback to those Taffy Apples - remember those? Think apple meets caramel with a nutty finish.

Skip the soul-sucking queue at the corporate coffee joints. Why settle for dirt water when you can elevate your game with a cup crafted by a passionate smaller roaster, offering some of the finest beans the market has to offer? Manik' is not just coffee; it's a morning rebellion in a cup.

Each coffee is roasted to order. Orders ship in 1-2 days. 

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