Our Story

In 2021 IXXA Coffee was born from a fervent desire to forge a connection with the rich, vertiginous terroirs of Latin America where coffee is not merely grown, but is cultivated with the kind of devotion that can only be described as ancestral. As first-generation Americans, my partner and I are linked by more than just ambition; we share a legacy. Our families toiled under the sun, hands deep in the earth of orchards and coffee plantations, chasing the American dream so that one day we could harvest our own futures.

IXXA Coffee is our homage, our written and brewed testament, to the generations that came before us—those who sweated and dreamed in those high-altitude havens, and to every soul that contributes to delivering the globe its most cherished morning ritual. Here's to the unsung heroes of the coffee world; we pour every cup in your honor.